The project aims at establishing concrete resources for increasing the social impact of youth work on the international platform, supporting institutions and experts working in this field with quality management and innovative methods and for sustainable studies in the field.


The distance and FTF training shall teach the targets on how to sensitive young people for the challenges of intercultural communication and conflict resolution and expand their competences in dealing with cultural diversity. This platform serves as a tool for youth workers. On the one hand providing them the information on how to work with young people on this issue.

Aims and Objectives

To develop a scientific approach to intercultural communication and understanding

including general findings on the skills needed by young people and youth workers in particular, and the development of guidelines for training. At the same time, transnational information on good practice will be collected, in order to integrate different cultural, generational and gender aspects in this field.

A train-the-trainer handbook

A train-the-trainer handbook providing information on how to develop the competences needed to be able to encourage and motivate young people in exploring diversity as important value and foster their intercultural understanding and skills in communication and conflict resolution;


The videos will offer a special possibility for training institutions involving blended learning concepts in their curricula. They target youth workers and shall provide them a possibility to include this approach to their repertoire by self-learning;

A learning platform for Youth workers

A distance learning platform for Youth workers to promote the learning outputs and tools to a broader audience, especially to targets living in communities apart for which f2f trainings might not be that easily accessible.



Comparative research and assessment of current needs, study report on youth work.


Designing training modules in youth work and piloting.

Training videos for blended learning implementation.

Designing a distance education programme and LEVEL5 programme in the field of youth work.

Guidelines for inclusion of the methodology in settings for youth.

Short-term joint staff training events (in Palermo, Innsbruck and Malaga): from each country 4 youth workers (72 youth workers in total).