Comparative research and assessment of current needs, study report on youth work

These guidelines are important to provide a framework about necessary key facts to be respected in the project results development: Such as the Definition of skills needs of youth and social workers conducting trainings in the context of youth work and development of the training guidelines.

Compilation of scientific and educational background information on intercultural communication and conflict resolution. Collection of Best practice in order to provide a top down and a bottom up approach which should improve daily practice in inter community youth work. The guidelines shall contain essential key facts on latest findings regarding intercultural communication and conflict resolution and present the main pillars to following the IOs developed during project.

This output will gather and analyse the most relevant good practices and models for youth workers accessing to target groups like youths and supporting youth workers. The literature review and field research in the area will conclude with identifying the essential principles and best-practice approaches and form the focus of the project and development of the training course. The product of IO1 will be a report compiling the assessment of good practices, key findings and results of two focus group discussions each partnering country on the needs of youth work, addressing the following target groups:

  • Youth workers
  • Institutions that work with youth workers
  • Networks that represent the profession of youth work
  • Decision makers, public authorities working with or funding youth work
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Designing training modules in youth work and piloting.

The 2nd intellectual output will be modules delivering the approach to youth workers.

Taking into account that youth workers in education and those with experience already working in the field differ concerning their experience,

  • some modules will address future youth workers in training systems and therefore include general information and focus on community building aspects of the method
  • while other modules will target more especially those youth workers already working in the field, focusing on those aspects of the approach.

By targeting both groups, we want to assure that youth workers will be informed about the approach during all educational levels. The modules shall be piloted in every partnering country with 20 future youth workers and 10 experienced youth workers in two distinct pilot courses:

  • One pilot addressing future youth workers with a focus on social inclusion and community building
  • one addressing experienced youth workers working with hidden agendas

The pilot will include a practical part to experience at least one method of bread baking with migrants and refugees, provided by the trainers trained by partner Centro per Lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci in Italy.

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Training videos for blended learning implementation.

The 3rd Intellectual output will be training videos to complement the modules and to underline the theoretical input with videos.

The videos will offer a special possibility for training institutions involving blended learning concepts in their curricula. They target youth workers and shall provide them a possibility to include this approach to their repertoire by self-learning. So, the target group of IO3 will be in this topic experienced youth workers.

A set of 12 videos (each Partner will create 2 videos) for Self-Training will be produced. The videos will be implementable in blended-learning concepts and recommended as such.

Their content will complement the content of the modules developed in IO2. The videos will be filmed during the piloting phase of the modules by all partners and later translated by subtitles to all languages.

Designing a distance education programme and LEVEL5 programme in the field of youth work.

Target Groups are youth workers, social workers, trainers working with young people.

Objective: the distance and FTF training shall teach the targets on how to sensitive young people for the challenges of intercultural communication and conflict resolution and expand their competences in dealing with cultural diversity. This platform serves as a tool for youth workers. On the one hand providing them the information on how to work with young people on this issue.


  1. Youth Information outreach to disadvantaged groups (3h)
  2. Digital Youth Information and Counseling (2h)
  3. Youth Participation and Empowerment (2h)
  4. Planning & Management (2h)
  5. Gaming and using material in youth work (2h)

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Guidelines for inclusion of the methodology in settings for youth.

The 5th intellectual output of the project is a set of guidelines for validation & quality recommendation addressing two complementary environments:

  • Training and
  • Work of youth workers

The objective is to facilitate the mainstreaming of the project’s suggested methodology by providing recommendations for implementation on a meta-level to decision makers. These guidelines and recommendations shall address especially:

  • decision makers devoted to the education, training, updating, specialization and so on of youth workers and
  • policy makers, local authorities, governmental institutions, services providers etc. that employ youth workers dealing with disadvantaged youngsters

The guidelines will consist mainly of:

  • A short overview of the methodology embedded in the theoretical approach of youth work, developed in IO2
  • A short mapping of the current national educational requirements for youth workers
  • A short mapping of the current work settings for youth workers working with disadvantaged youngsters, detected in IO1
  • An assessment of the quality, consistency and coherency of the methodology
  • A full set of recommendations according to detected quality criteria for implementation in the different settings (both educational and work related),responding to any eventual system of requirements and standards.
Also available in: ITDEESTR