Welcome to the Distance Education Course

The course was compiled as part of the Inno4impact Project that aims to increase the quality, attractiveness and effectiveness of working with young people through digital tools and programmes.
We have developed this course for you, having in mind that each learner continues their learning process in different spaces, at different times and at different paces. This online learning environment is open to youth workers or all actors working with disadvantaged people who want to get approaches in the context of youth work.


The course materials presented here refer to the latest research findings of country situations and in particular to skills identified for youth workers. The course toolkit was developed also based on the needs of young people identified in our Comparative Report , conducted as part of this project in each partner country (Austria, Italy, Germany, Spain and Turkey).

Course Objectives:

  • To discover what a competence-based approach is and its applicability in the context of youth work.
  • To introduce the ETS competence model for youth workers working internationally and to link it to your personal youth work practice.
  • To explore competence self-assessment tools.
  • To discover ways and tools for professional development.

The course is divided into 5 modules consisting theoretical and practical parts. You can start from any module you want. There is quiz section at the end of each module that you are asked to implement it.

1) Youth Information outreach to disadvantaged groups (3hours)
2) Digital Youth Information and Counselling (2h)
3) Youth Participation and Empowerment (2h)
4) Planning & Management (2h)
5) Gaming and using material in youth work (2h)

Target group of the course:

This course is open for anyone in the world, but we mainly focus on if you may;

  • be working with young people on a voluntary basis, with an organisation such as NGO,
  • be working young people as a part of a different role.
  • be in the early stages of a career with young people
  • not be working directly with young people at all but meeting them as part of the family or the local community.

Module Overview:

Module 1

Youth Information outreach to disadvantaged groups

Module 2

Digital Youth Information and Counselling

Module 3

Youth Participation and Empowerment

Module 4

Planning & Management

Module 5

Gaming and using materials in youth work

Competence validation

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