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The participatory approach is a kind of willingness to be with the genes in their decision – making processes. It is important for young people to identify and report their own decision –making processes andto express their own views. It enables individual development in every field to increase with interpersonal interaction. Participatory approaches partially improve the results of individuals’ decisions. According to Hart’s ladder of participation, in order to realize participatory approaches , some decisions must first be shared by adults and young people. Decisions must then be managed and youth and adults must make joint decisions. After being consulted and appointed , in the third step , it should be tried to get out ofthe evaluation with stereotypes . the most important step is to take action. There are types of participation that are made to increase the motivation of young people according to their needs. One of them is ındivudialized budgets. Contribution to the personal development of young people is made throug indivudialized buggets. Appropriate evaluation targets are also determined by the sevice user’s feedback services regarding personnel evaluations. Volunteer development  opportunities are very important in this regard. In this way , those who use the service can be trained as voluntary individuals.




  • Provide training and awareness raising on the subject of participation for staff?


Yes it definitely does.


  • Allow staff opportunities to research and share effective practice from across the youth justice system and other sectors?


Yes it allows


  • Encourage responsive approaches to working with young people and reflective practice?


This topic is very important and strongly encourage


  • Continuously develop methods of assessing young people’s needs to maximise inclusion of their views in tailoring interventions?

Yes it is improving because I’m thinking of establishing a system that constantly improves and updates itself, not just standing stil.