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There are always many cultural differences that can be encountered in business life. headscarf, skin color and race are the most common ones I come across. I faced them myself, but I overcame them with respect and tolerance. I think people learn to be conscious over time and to respect their beliefs. One of the important things here is the attitude of the person who is being discriminated against. A Turkish proverb says: "Tolerance makes even the snake out of its hole." If I respect someone who has a different faith than me, he will also respect me. If I respect someone of a different race, he or she will respect me. If I respect people of different skin colors, he will also respect me. goodness always wins. Those who discriminate often lose.

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Thank you for sharing the Turkish proverb!

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when we think about the context of youth workers, we see that the environment is shaped by the cultural patterns of the people who live there. this environment becomes a different country, becomes a different city, or even becomes a different neighborhood. and cultural differences can be observed in any environment. this can be seen not only in structures, but also among people. It is dec to turn this difference into an advantageous situation. difference brings wealth, gives a new perspective. this should always be taken into account in a project that will be formed with the participation of people from different walks of life.